Cardiac Services

Cardiac PET

Adenosine or Lexiscan Stress with the Isotope Rubidium-82

A PET scan of the heart is a non-invasive nuclear imaging test. It uses radioactive tracers to produce images of your heart. We use cardiac PET scans to diagnose coronary artery disease and damage from heart attacks. PET scans show damaged and healthy heart muscle.

Fixed and Mobile Cardiac SPECT

Treadmill, Adenosine, Persantine, Lexiscan with the Isotope Myoview

A SPECT scan is a noninvasive nuclear imaging test of the heart. The test uses radioactive tracers which are injected into the blood stream to produce images of your heart. SPECT is used to diagnose coronary artery disease and to see if a heart attack has happened.

Treadmill Stress Test:

Treadmill stress tests compare the coronary circulation while the patient is at rest with the same patient’s circulation during maximum physical exertion, showing any abnormal blood flow to the heart muscle tissue. The results can be interpreted as a reflection on the general physical condition of the test patient. This test can be used to diagnose coronary artery disease and assess patient prognosis after a heart attack. The cardiac stress test is done with heart stimulation by exercise on a treadmill with the patient connected to an electrocardiogram.


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